Teamful Sealing Technology

Non-asbestos Sealing Material

Teamful Sealing, as China's first non-asbestos gasket sealing materials R & D enterprise, have more than ten years of application and development experience.
The products can fully meet stringent environmental standards in Europe and America, and...


Rubber Coated Metal Material

A new kind of sealing material that was produced from special procession of coating rubber overlaid evenly on the surface of metal core. Provide excellent performance of high-temperature resistance and durability. It has a relatively long shelf life than other traditional non-metallic sealing materials...



Teamful sealing was firstly established at 1985 and it specialized in R&D and Production of sealing materials and sealing gaskets for different engines. The products also wildly used as OEM approval products by several Chinese well-known engine plants and manufacturers at the reason of excellent quality and good service. Teamful gained customer acceptance and dependence for many years...